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Made By Cow

At Made By Cow, it's what they don't do to their milk that makes them so unique. They don't separate, standardise, homogenise or heat pasteurise our milk.

Made By Cow

Made By Cow started with a simple question: Why are we still making milk the same way we did decades ago - heating and depleting it, pulling it apart, then recombining it? Made By Cow genuinely believed there was a better way, a way to make real, raw milk safe to drink...and they found it, using cold high pressure and nothing else but passion.

Made By Cow's patented method destroys the same harmful bacteria as heat pasteurisation, while being much gentler on milk's natural nutrients. They like to think of it as minimal intervention for maximum goodness. And will continue to grow their range of cold pressed raw dairy products with this same, safe philosophy.

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