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Mt. Wilder Berries

First dreamed of in 2018 from a desire to fill our bodies with these miraculous healers and to bring awareness to those around us.

Mt. Wilder Berries

The main difference in comparison to other wild blueberries on the market is that mt WB's wild blueberries are completely wild grown, with minimal intervention.

All other wild blueberries on the market, are planted and grown on farms. Even though they are organic and have the seed of the wild blueberry, they do not withstand the environmental conditions that true wild blueberries are know for, that of surviving the cold harsh climates, and the extremities of the heat is what gives wild blueberries their strong and innate intelligence to become an adaptogen that heals your body. Mt. Wilder Berries' wild blueberries are just that.

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