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Sensecraft Herbals

Adaptogenic, tonic & functional herbal infusions and high potency extracts. Herbalist made by hand & heart from premium medicinal & ceremonial grade whole ingredients.

Sensecraft Herbals

While there's no consensus definition of exactly what constitutes a sense (5, 9 or 21? Anyone?), as a key that unlocks moment and memory no-one can deny the power that the senses have over our lives. The link between scent processing and recollection is well studied, and we've all experienced that feeling when a taste has brought us right into the present.

Sensecraft Herbals' aim is to help create moments through preparations that don't just activate primary senses like taste + smell, but also awaken internal feelings both subtle and strong. Written language doesn't do justice to these kind of things, but if they had to choose then the words they'd use would be balance, energy and alertness, connectedness and openness, relaxation, flow, release.

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